Menlo Park maintains water quality with flushing program

Did you know that dead end water mains are often found at the end of cul-de-sac streets and in older neighborhoods? Dead end water mains do not always provide enough flow to keep water fresh and chlorine levels present, so Menlo Park Municipal Water crews schedule preventative maintenance and flush these dead end water mains regularly to ensure high water quality.

Due to sedimentation, stagnant water and low levels of chlorine, our crews attempt to flush all dead end mains at least once a year. Our water experts flush these main lines and record the beginning chlorine residual, ending chlorine residual, and estimated gallons flushed to determine those dead end mains that need flushed most often. Not all dead end mains are equal; some have higher usage that helps keep water fresher over time, requiring less frequent flushing than a large main line for a cul-de-sac with very few homes on it.

Due to the variability in this process, it is essential that our staff keep accurate records so we can prioritize our work and maintain water quality across the entire system.

For more information on water quality, please view the latest annual water quality report.

For questions, please contact Water System Supervisor Luis Olivera.

Menlo Park, a Tree City USA community, is a quiet yet vibrant city of pleasant, tree-lined neighborhoods and friendly people.

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